Unfurling your wings

Unfurling Your Wings bracelet...

The bracelet is about transformation at your deepest level. It’s about getting out of your own way… finally… so that the real you can emerge and come forward in your life. It’s what every moment in your life has been building towards.

The bracelet contains Citrine (the power of your personal projection in relation to the world around you, a powerful stone to aid physical manifestation, it also clears blockages and strengthens your ability to manifest your Light in the world, as well as helping to heal issues around power abuse and the feeling of powerlessness); Aragonite (provides insight into the causes of problems and situations, aids concentration and brings tolerance and flexibility to the mind, teaches acceptance and patience, and provides strength and support, helping to combat anger and emotional stress.); Carnelian (strong physical energy, creativity, healthy and balanced sexuality, a warm and joyful stone, often referred to as the Master Communicator); 4 antique yellow African trade beads (two circa late 1800’s and 2 circa early 1900’s) bringing in the wisdom of the Ancients who have come before you to assist you on your journey of transformation; a yellow glass bead; and yellow Swarovski crystals to capture and reflect your inner light. There is a mix of leather with both gold– a 14k gold-filled ring at the clasp, 22 and 24k gold vermeil beads, spacers and leaf charms (to represent new growth, turning over a new leaf), and silver – sterling and fine grade, including some handmade fine silver beads made by the Hill Tribe in Thailand. There are 2 sterling silver butterflies at the clasp, one small, and one large.

Butterfly is the symbol for transformation, of leaving an old form of your self behind and through the process of transformation, emerging in a newly developed form, the version of yourself you were meant to be in this life. Like the butterfly, it’s time to leave your safe little cocoon, unfurl your wings, and enter the world fully in all your glory, and FLY!

6.75 inches inside when clasped (your actual wrist size, not the length of the bracelet laid flat!)