The  questions  in your  heart

The Questions in Your Heart bracelet...

We all have the ability to access information (answers) in ways that the rational mind can’t quite grasp. Call it intuition, call it guidance from Spirit, it’s most likely a mix of both. So when you’re stuck, when your brain can’t seem to find the answers you seek to the questions that lie deep in your heart, It’s time to bypass the brain. Feel into your heart (which already knows the answer). Sit in silence and listen.... They say that prayer is when you talk to Spirit, but sitting in silence (or meditation) is when you have the chance to listen when Spirit talks to you.

The bracelet contains Amethyst (stimulates intuitive ability and connection to the spiritual realms and your higher spiritual guidance, also a stone of purification, a “violet flame” stone which carries energy that helps clear karmic baggage); dyed freshwater Pearl (soothing to the emotions); Swarovski crystal; and leather. It also contains a number of sterling silver beads, spacers, rings, mirror balls; as well as a silver heart charm with crown at the infinity clasp, 2 sterling silver puzzle pieces representing the questions you hold in your heart, and a handmade bead in fine grade silver by the Hill Tribe people in Thailand. Silver is a very feminine energy, and intuition resides in the realm of the feminine. So lean into your feminine gifts. And then be still and listen. You already know the answers that you seek.

7 inches inside when clasped (your actual wrist size, not the length of the bracelet laid flat!)