The  Light  Within  You

The Light Within You bracelet...

The light that you bring to any situation is not so much about what you do, but is about the light that you carry within yourself. Everyone carries a great deal of light within.  Sometimes, though, because of old wounds and personal issues that haven’t been healed, the light gets dimmed, like dirt on a window. Working on healing the old issues “cleans the window” that allows your light to shine fully in the world. (But that light is always there inside!)

There’s a mix of leather; sterling silver beads, rings, and spacers; fine grade silver large hammered ring, beads, and dragonfly made by the Hill Tribe people in Thailand; and 14k gold-filled beads, rings, and spacers. The semi-precious gemstones include Citrine (the power of your personal projection in relation to the world around you, a powerful manifestation stone); Amber (it’s like a luminous golden droplet containing ancient time, knowledge, wisdom - it contains the wisdom of the ages - wearing it, it’s like you are bending time, carrying a piece of the past in the present moment - it’s a physical example of all time existing simultaneously - it’s also known as a powerful healer of the physical body, as well as being considered to bring good luck to the wearer); Freshwater Pearl (calming and soothing to the emotions, and connected to the feminine energy of the moon); Aragonite (works with the emotional body in a soothing way, helping to work through old wounds of the past which, under the surface, continually drain our energy and emotional well-being); Clear Quartz (enhances and magnifies the energies of all stones in the bracelet); as well as several antique African trade beads of varying age (circa mid-1800’s to early 1900’s) that bring in the wisdom of the Ancients.

It’s Spring Cleaning - time to “wash some windows” so you can let your Light shine !

6.75 inch inside circumference when clasped  (NOT the length of the bracelet when laid out flat) - go by the actual measurement of your wrist when comparing it to this measurement