She boldly goes...

Scroll down to look at some different ways you can wear this. As one long 36 inch loop, hooked on the LIVE ring; or double wrapped (pictured here) and hooked on

the LIVE ring, or hooked on the silver leaf with

7+ inches of necklace hanging straight down in front (or down your back if you’re wearing a backless dress --

a little more unusual and eye-catching!)

She Boldly Goes necklace...

People spend so much time living in fear of making the wrong choices, that they end up not making any choices at all, or only making the safest, most unfulfilling ones (settling for things). But that’s not what we’re here for. We’re here to open our hearts, love, be bold, make mistakes, get up laughing and brush ourselves off and make some more. We’re here to live the adventure. So are you fully?....

The necklace is made of stones carrying the energy of growth, life-force energy, rebirth, renewal, strength, serenity, intuition, and connection to Spirit. It contains natural blue and green Turquoise; Emerald; Amazonite; Malachite; Lapis Lazuli; Amethyst; Sugilite; Zoisite; Flourite; dyed green and purple freshwater Pearls; Chrysoprase; purple and green Swarovski crystals; and a mix of sterling silver and 14k gold-filled beads, spacers, mirror balls and rings. There is a sterling silver leaf charm to remind you that nothing lasts forever. Everything has it’s season. Old leaves fall away to make room for the new ones to come. When it’s time to let go, let go. Nature abhors a vacuum, so new things will fill the space if you allow it. There’s a sterling silver clover charm for a bit of added luck, because who couldn’t use a little of that?!  At the 14k gold-filled lobster clasp, there is a sterling silver hummingbird  signifying “joy,” and from the sterling silver LIVE ring hangs a tree pendant signifying constant growth and transformation.

Live every day as if it’s your last, so that when it’s your time to go (in 80 years or so), you know you haven’t let a single moment go to waste on things that aren’t really important to you.