Purple  Heart

Purple Heart bracelet...

“The Purple Heart” is medal awarded to those who have been wounded or killed in battle in service to our country. This bracelet addresses the theme of wounds acquired during this (or other) lifetimes, in service to humanity and the planet; but comes at it from a place of healing those old wounds that we still carry (because every time one of us finds healing, the healing of humanity as a whole is aided). Let’s face it, none of us gets through life without being deeply wounded at some point. It’s an integral part of our journey here in this lifetime. Some cultures looked at wounds we received by parents/family when we’re young as The Sacred Wound, the wound that would help us access our greatest strengths and gifts by having to work through it on the journey toward healing. So this Purple Heart bracelet is an aid in that journey of healing old wounds still carried, of accessing our deepest intuition and deepest strengths, and of connecting to the guidance that available to us at all times from the realm of Spirit.

The bracelet contains Amethyst (stimulates intuitive ability and connection to the spiritual realms and your higher spiritual guidance, also a stone of purification, a “violet flame” stone which carries energy that helps clear karmic baggage). At the heart/clasp is a bead of Sugilite (a preeminent stone of deep healing and purification, an energetic cleanser, it also provides exceptional protection against negative energy, it’s a stone connected to the realm of dreams, symbols, and spiritual vision -- a doorway into awakened Inner Vision). There are both smooth and faceted beads of Onyx (strength, stamina, self-confidence, and an aid to banishing grief) to help stay on course in the often difficult task of moving through the old emotions that are associated with the old wounds. And a bead of Moonstone at the clasp (connects us to the world of dreams and intuition, and is strongly associated with the female energy of the moon which is deeply healing to the emotions). It also contains a number of sterling silver daisy spacers, beads, mirror balls (representing the infinite number of alternate perspectives we can choose to see) and rings, as well nuggets made of fine grade silver by the Hill Tribe people in Thailand. The clasp is a sterling silver infinity clasp that hooks onto a sterling silver heart to represent that within your heart is the place that you will find the clearest path to your ultimate guidance and wisdom.

Know that once a wound is healed, that the deep strength and personal gifts that were unburied in order to heal it.... remain. Those inner treasures brought forth are the “medals” that we are awarded.

7.25 inches inside when clasped (your actual wrist size, not the length of the bracelet laid flat)