Peace bracelet...

After the Boston Marathon bombing, I (like most people out there) was trying to deal with my overwhelming sadness about it all in a healing way. Then I saw a picture going around the Internet of an 8-year old boy who had been killed in the explosion (Martin Richard). The picture was from school, and he was holding a little sign that said “No more hurting people. PEACE.” His face became the face of the heartbreaking event, and that picture was the inspiration for this bracelet - it inspired me to channel the feelings about the event into a prayer for all of us.

The bracelet contains Turquoise (a stone about wholeness, deep wisdom that comes from the integration of the totality of your life experiences, truth, powerful healing); Peruvian Blue Opal (calm, soothing, and meditative); Angelite (traditionally known as a stone that helps to facilitate the communication with our spiritual guidance, and with our higher self. It helps raise your state of conscious awareness, and helps to transmute fear, and creates a deep sense of peace and calm within); Aquamarine (reduces stress, quiets the mind, enhances courage, intuition, and self-expression, good for closure on all levels); Amazonite (a “truth-teller” stone, aiding in opening the heart and activating the throat, for enhanced ability in communicating your Truth); Freshwater Pearl (the soft feminine energy of the moon, deeply healing to the emotions, and also healing for issues related to female wounding); and watery blue Swarovski crystal. The center of the bracelet is a sterling silver PEACE ring, flanked by a sterling silver heart, because any path of action that begins in the heart leads to peace over violence. It also contains a number of sterling silver daisy spacers, beads, mirror balls (representing the infinite number of alternate perspectives we can choose to see) and rings, as well nuggets and beads made of fine grade silver by the Hill Tribe people in Thailand. The clasp is a sterling silver infinity clasp that hooks onto a sterling silver hammered ring with a sterling silver dove hanging from it.

This is a beautiful prayer to remember - the Love, Peace, and Light Universal Prayer:

Love before me,   Peace before me,   Light before me
Love behind me,   Peace behind me,   Light behind me 
Love at my left,   Peace at my left,   Light at my left
Love at my right,   Peace at my right,   Light at my right
Love above me,   Peace above me,   Light above me
Love below me,   Peace below me,   Light below me
Love onto me,   Peace onto me,   Light onto me
Love in my surroundings,   Peace in my surroundings,   Light in my surroundings
Love to all,   Peace to all,   Light to all
Love to the Universe,   Peace to the Universe,   Light to the Universe

Remember that no matter what, we can always choose to find inspiration in the world, even in the most difficult of circumstances, and choose to create beauty to put out there in the world in response to it. Beauty, music, kindness, healing. This is what we can choose to add to the world. We can all choose to do that, every single time.

7.50 inches inside when clasped (your actual wrist size, not the length of the bracelet laid flat)