Live Your Best Life

Live Your Best Life bracelet...

The theme of this bracelet is about leaving fear behind you, being bold in your choices, and living to the fullest every single day of your life. It’s about vitality, and seeing every day and every situation with new eyes.

The bracelet contains an Emerald rondelle (a heart chakra stone for love, joy, faith, and letting go of the things that hold you back); natural green Turquoise (healing, wholeness, and integrating all the aspects of yourself); Malachite (a grounding stone, leadership, walking your talk, using power wisely, aligning ego with Divine Will); Jade (life, growth, revitalization a protective stone that brings harmony, assists in releasing negative thoughts and energy, and in healing issues of the heart); Zoisite (awareness, and connection to your Higher Self, it assists in releasing fear and learning to trust, and helps to bring forth inner talents); Peridot (renewal, rebirth, growth, it assists in releasing envy, resentment and bitterness, opening our heart to joy); Flourite (calming and peaceful, helps to alleviate anger and depression, assists to consciously clean up your thought processes and neutralize stress); Snakeskin Jasper (contentment, grounded and peaceful relaxation, protection); Chrysoprase (prosperity, abundance, the courage to follow through, and a balancer of yin/yang energies); a dyed green freshwater Pearl (healing to the emotions); an antique African trade bead circa early 1900‘s (wisdom of the ancients); and green Swarovski crystal. It also contains a number of sterling silver beads, spacers and rings, with 14k gold-filled rings, spacers, beads, and large lobster clasp. The combination of silver and gold reflects the balance of sun and moon energies. There are several pieces in fine grade silver by the Hill Tribe people in Thailand, including a dragonfly at the clasp which symbolizes letting go of illusion so that only truth remains.

And the truth is... that THIS is the day you’ve been given. This is the life you’ve been gifted with. Stop letting fear and anxiety stop you from living your best life. Start living it like the adventure it is!  Now is the time. There’s not another moment to waste.

7 inches inside when clasped (your actual wrist size, not the length of the bracelet laid flat!)