Like  a  first  kiss

Like A First Kiss necklace...

There’s something thrilling, euphoric about a first kiss. There’s a breathless anticipation about what will come next; an excitement about how the unknown will unfold. Well, what if you greeted the beginning of EVERY DAY with that kind of excitement?! How do you think your life might change if you went into each day with that kind of energy? (Hint: It would change a LOT, and for the better).

This is a delicate necklace with a beautifully shimmering sterling silver chain (the photo doesn’t do it justice) and lobster clasp, and sterling silver heart pendants. It contains Freshwater Pearls (soothing and balancing to the emotions, and deeply feminine with a strong connection to the moon); Rose Quartz (a heart stone - it powerfully opens the heart to bring in unconditional love, self-love, harmony, and deep inner healing - it helps dispel negativity and is soothing in a time of grief); Onyx (strength, stamina, self-confidence, helps you to be at ease in your surroundings); and pink Swarovski crystals.

Treat every single day of your life as the object of your affection, and see how the love affair unfolds!

Laid out flat, the length is 17.25 inches . The pearl, hearts and crystals that hang at the center are 2 inches long.