FALL  Back:  A  Time  To  Rest

Fall Back: A Time To Rest  necklace...

The name of the necklace refers to several things. I made this necklace on the day we adjusted the clocks to “fall back” one hour and get an extra hour of sleep! It was also made in the vibrant, warm colors of the fall season. (It’s one of the asymmetrical, multi-material style necklaces that I haven’t made in a while!) The necklace is a reminder that there are periods of time in any forward movement where it is necessary to rest, regroup, get ready for a period of internal change and shifting that’s preparing you for the next period of growth. Many people don’t want to honor the time of stopping to rest and regroup, feeling like it’s stopping forward movement; but it’s a crucial part of the process.

The necklace has 3 styles of 14k gold-filled chains, as well as 14k gold-filled spacers and rings of varying size; a sterling silver clasp, beads and rings and spacers, and leaf and pine cone charms; copper beads, rings, and spacers (some combined with sterling silver). The acorn at the center is a real acorn that was dipped in precious metal (rose gold) - from a vendor at a big gem show I frequent (they have beautiful precious metal-dipped acorns, leaves, and other items from nature).

It contains Obsidian (highly protective against negativity, it promotes growth on the deeply personal inner journey you are on, making the unknown known, dissolving inner blocks, and brings clarity where there was confusion); Labradorite (a stone of mystery, magic, and transformation - it enhances a person’s innate intuitive abilities on many levels, while helping you to move through multiple layers of reality, and work on multidimensional planes of awareness and existence - it is a strongly protective stone); Ruby (a stone containing life force energy, courage, passion, adventurousness - the first chakra in an enlightened state); Garnet (a powerful energizing and regenerative stone, a good stone to help decrease depression and anger, especially anger towards self - it illuminates the dark places - an inner fire stone); Citrine (the power of your personal projection in relation to the world around you, a powerful manifestation stone); Coral (deeply feminine, and connected to the vast power and depths of the ocean);  dyed freshwater Pearl (soothing and healing to the emotions); Carnelian (creativity, vitality, sexuality, and life force energy); Amber (it’s like a luminous golden droplet containing ancient time, knowledge, wisdom - it contains the wisdom of the ages - wearing it, it’s like you are bending time, carrying a piece of the past in the present moment - it’s a physical example of all time existing simultaneously - it’s also known as a powerful healer of the physical body, as well as being considered to bring good luck to the wearer); pale bluish-green Turquoise (all turquoise whether it’s blue or green or pale is very healing - it’s a stone about wholeness, deep wisdom that comes from the integration of the totality of your life experiences, truth, powerful healing); several types of Jasper (all jasper is very grounding, connected to the earth element, provides protection from negative energy, is very healing for the physical body, and is helpful at pulling in scattered energy to work where it is most needed); and an antique African Trade Bead circa mid-late 1800’s (the wisdom of the ancients).

Take time to rest, regroup, regenerate, gather your energy within. You’ll soon be needing what you gain from it!

Laid out flat, the length of the inner circumference (with the smaller asymmetrical chain) is 20.5 inches. The outer circumference length is 22.5 inches. The metal-dipped acorn on the copper ring at the center is 1.25 inches long.