Dancing With The Moon

Dancing With the Moon bracelet...

The theme of this bracelet is the wisdom that comes when you embrace the Divine Feminine in yourself; when you embrace your shifting nature, your gentleness, your power, and all the deepest feminine aspects of yourself that you may have rejected in trying to “make it” in the world. 

The bracelet contains freshwater Pearl (the soft feminine energy of the moon, deeply healing to the emotions, and healing for issues related to female wounding); 2 antique African trade beads circa mid-to-late 1800’s (calling in the wisdom of the ancients who have come before us); Apatite (a wonderful stone to help become aware of the deeply rooted patterns you carry on a soul level, so that you can clear past influence from this); Amazonite (a “truth-teller” stone, aiding in opening the heart and activating the throat, for enhanced ability in communicating your Truth); Angelite (traditionally known as a stone that helps to facilitate the communication with our spiritual guidance, and with our higher self. It helps raise your state of conscious awareness, and helps to transmute fear, and creates a deep sense of peace and calm within); Turquoise (deep wisdom that comes from the integration of the totality of your life experiences, truth, powerful healing); Lapis Lazuli (the “stone of royalty” which helps to connect to your spiritual guidance and your intuitive capacity); Chrysacolla (carries divine feminine energy, and is a powerful communication stone, it teaches the combination of gentleness and power, encouraging one to speak one’s highest knowledge, owning the value of one’s experiences, knowledge and contribution); blue Sapphire (represents one’s connection with divine mind it opens the mind to beauty and intuition, promotes clarity and inspiration); Moonstone (intuition and dreamtime); blue Swarovski crystal; and leather for grounding. There is a great deal of sterling and fine silver (moon and female energy) beads, spacers, rings, and spirals, (including handmade beads in fine silver by the Hill Tribe in Thailand).

The center-piece is a sterling silver ring saying WISDOM, to remind you of the deep places within yourself that already contain that wisdom, just as you are. With that ring is a moon and star charm, a blue pearl, and a sterling silver mirror ball to remind you that your shifting nature as a woman enables you to see many perspectives on your journey to the Truth. Embrace that deeply feminine wisdom energy within you and begin to dance with yourself and with life!

6.75 inches inside when clasped (your actual wrist size, not the length of the bracelet laid flat!)