About  Allyson  Rice
Allyson Rice is the owner of Allyson Wonderland. After spending the last decade running personal growth retreats through her business The Total Human, she put the retreats on hiatus to focus on her own creative work, jewelry making, drawing and painting, writing, and creating handmade ornaments (a family tradition started by her late grandmother Libby Rice). Allyson Wonderland was created to be a central location for all of the creative work. Prior to creating The Total Human, Allyson spent many years on stage and TV as an actress/dancer/singer in NYC and Los Angeles, after graduating from Northwestern University. Most well-known role was 7 years as Connor Walsh on “As The World Turns”. Prior to that, Allyson had a paper route when she was 12. Allyson now lives in Los Angeles, where in her spare time she dances (blues, ballroom and Latin, living room performance art), and DJs blues dancing events locally and nationally. If her knees hold up, roller derby could be next... we’ll see. In the meantime, she continues to cover everything in sight with Christmas lights year-round, because you can’t stop her. You’re not the boss of her.FREE_REPORT__Healing_Benefits_of_Crystals_on_the_Human_Body.html
“It takes a long time 
to grow young.”

-Pablo Picasso-FREE_REPORT__Benefits_of_Coloring.html